14 Reasons You Need To Be Watching Power Right Now

Starz hit show POWER, currently in the middle of it's third season, has grabbed a hold of us like few crime dramas have over the past several years. Now, we're not the kind of folks who tell you what you should and shouldn't watch, BUT if you were looking for some friendly advice about how to spend every Sunday night glued to your TV, you might want to check out these 14 reasons why we're telling everyone we know to check our Power right now.

Because the storylines just keep getting better and better

Season Three is loaded with more twists and turns that you didn't see coming. As the characters become more three-dimensional, their storylines get lots more entertaining as well.

Because it's got a dope soundtrack

It's got 50, A$AP Rocky, Eminem, Major Lazer and more - all playing at JUST the right moments. As if anything 50's associated with would have something less than excellent sound backing it up. 

Because 50's more a part of it than ever

Like Tony Soprano or The Wire's Stringer Bell, Ghost is a man who does bad things -- yet you can't stop rooting for him to succeed. It's that kind of complex characterization - and the smooth-as-hell performance given by Omari Hardwick - that make Power such binge-worthy material

Because Big Rich Town is a killer opening credits song

All great shows have a sick opening credit sequence - and Power is up there among the best of them. See for yourself above!

Because The Wire isn't coming back. Ever.

Hey, we're not saying that watching Power is somehow "settling" - the show is incredible. But if you loved HBO's The Wire - and crave another crime drama that sees things from both sides of the law - then Sunday nights just became your lucky nights.

Lela Loren is way hot

Loren plays Angela, Ghost's long lost love -- and spending a few minutes watching her on-screen it's easy to see why he's pined for her all these year. Great look - even better performance.

The writing is excellent

There's so much more to Power than just tense scenes featuring criminal activity or gorgeous women dancing the night away. The show's dialogue is some of the best you'll hear on TV in 2016 -- well-written with an eye for detail of what life is like for drug dealers and the law enforcement officers who have sworn to bring them down.

Because we'd never get into TRUTH

Ghost's New York nightclub is where the beautiful people go to let their hair down and party. So yeah, we'd probably be spending a LOT of time in line or desperately slipping the bouncer twenty bucks to let us in the side door. Better solution? Watch Power and ogle the gorgeous females from the comfort of our living room!

Because we loved Great Gatsby

Director Baz Luhrman came out with a big-budget fancy re=imagining of the classic tale of power, love and betrayal in 2013. But for all the big set pieces, it doesn't do nearly as good a job as Power for putting a modern spin on the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic novel.

Because it's got Turtle!

Jerry Ferrara would slap us for calling him that, but hey, we were huge Entourage fans, and seeing one of our favorite actors in a role other than that of "sidekick" is damn exciting.

Because we've fallen hard for Naturi Naughton

She plays Ghost's patient wife Tasha, but we just want you to know Naturi that if you were OUR girl we'd be home every night with dinner waiting for when you got home. Just saying.

Because spoilers will soon be all around you

Power is an unstoppable buzz machine at this point. This means more people will be watching. Which means more people at the office discussing it. Which means you'll need to start holding your ears more when in the office kitchen. Which means -- oh hell, you get the point. Just go start with Season One, already!