10 Live Jennifer Lopez Performances That Simply Blew Us Away

At this point, can we just agree that Jennifer Lopez can do it all? Acting, singing - and yes, live performances that turn up the heat for every single man, woman and household pet in the joint. Here are 10 of our all-time favorites, as collected amongst the "stacks" at YouTube.

Booty - Live at The American Music Awards w. Iggy Azelea (2014)

How do you take J Lo's hottest song in years and make it hotter? Simple: let her shake that thang live in front of a TV camera that brings out her sexiest, "classy-hoochie" style. Oh and throw a stripper pole in there too.

Greatest Hits Megamix - The Ellen Degeneres Show (2015)

Sometimes we forget how many amazing songs Lopez has recorded over the years. Then we see them all mashed up into a scorching hot six minute live package and BOOM - we remember. Oh how we remember...

Dance Again - American Idol (2012)

She had the #1 song, was a host on the #1 show and was getting ready to go out on the #1 tour of the year. Yeah, J Lo was on a roll when she hit the stage for this performance - and it shows.

Waiting for Tonight - World Cup/Dubai (2014)

One of our all time favorite songs, performed literally on the world's stage - with the unparalleled audience who tunes in for the World Cup watching from all points on the globe.

Live it Up, Come Together (Aerosmith) and More - The Sound of Chan

There's so much to love in this performance - but our favorite has to be when an a**-kicking Mary J. Blige hits the stage to join Jennifer in a killer cover of Aerosmith's Come Together.

On The Floor - Wetten Dass TV Show (2011)

Was this in Germany? Spain? Tunisia, perhaps? Whatever the mystery location of the old-school arena-in-the-round doesn't matter, because J Lo was there to pound out a terrific live version of one of her most infectious dance tracks.

I Heart Radio Tour Appearance (2016)

Sit back and enjoy 30 minutes of recent Lopez live performance goodness - all in glorious HD so you can enjoy a better view of our girl while she blows the door off this place.

Celia Cruz Tribute - American Music Awards (2013)

A loving, powerful tribute to a gifted performer who was known as "The Queen of Salsa Music." Watch as J Lo gives her proper due - and puts her own spin on this timeless music.

First Love - Billboard Music Awards (2015)

This performance shows off J Lo's ability to make the last person in the back row feel as connected to her as someone in the very front.

I'm Real w. Ja Rule - MTV Music Awards

Mixing it up with the rough and ready Ja Rule comes as naturally to J Lo as singing the sweetest ballad.