Kardashian-Jenner A to Z: A 26 Letter Primer of Fascinating Facts About TV's First Family

It's back-to-school season - which seems like the perfect time to brush up on your ABC's - Kardashian-Jenner Style!

A – is for Alpha Phi

Alpha Phi was Kourtney’s sorority while she attended the University of Arizona.

B – is for Batman

A white-suited version of the superhero that Jaden Smith came dressed as to Kim and Kanye’s Wedding

C – is for Caitlyn

Caitlyn Jenner chose to spell her name with a “C” instead of the more standard “K” to better keep the media from making endless Kardashian-naming associations.

D – is for Dash

The boutique that represents the foundation of the Kardashian Empire is now open in New York, Miami and Los Angeles

E – is for the E! Network

E! is home to the many Kardashian shows that provide a window into the lives of our favorite family.

F – is for Florence

Florence, Italy was the location of the truly spectacular, beyond star-studded wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

G – is for GLU

Glu is the game development company that brought us Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and Kendall and Kylie – two of the most successful mobile games ever released for iOS and Android devices and have generated well over $150 million in revenue to date.

H is for Houghton

That's the maiden name of family matriarch Kris Jenner 

I is for Instagram

Instagram is where Kim (75 million), Kylie (65 million) and Kendall (60 million) currently have over 210 million followers combined! 

J is for Jam

Remember Jam? It was the name of Kim’s single/music video that she names as one of her biggest regrets.

K – Nope, can’t think of anything for this letter
L – is for Love

Love is one of the seven Kim Kardashian fragrances released between 2009 and 2014 that are collectively responsible for over $10 million in worldwide sales. 

M – is for Michael

As in Michael Jackson – who’s Neverland Ranch was the location of Kim’s 14th birthday party.

N – is for Nicole

Nicole is Kendall Jenner’s middle name – a tribute from Kris to her late friend Nicole Brown Simpson.

O – is for Osman

Kamilla Osman is Kim Kardashian’s 20-year old doppelganger who really DOES look like KK – so much so that when the pair had a chance meeting in March, 2016 Kim posted a selfie of the two to her Instagram account.

P – is for Puma

Puma is the athletic footwear and lifestyle company that gave Kylie Jenner over $1 million to become its Brand Ambassador

Q is for “Quick”

And "quick" is the word most people use to describe the length of Kim Kardashian’s marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries. The couple were married for only 72 days before divorcing due to “irreconcilable differences”

R is for Reign

Reign Aston Disick is Kourtney’s third child and owner of the coolest initials anywhere: RAD

S is for Susie

Susie is the monkey that Kris Jenner baby-sat in what’s pretty much the greatest KUWTK moment ever.

T is for Twenty

Twenty is the number of pregnancy tests Kourtney reportedly took before she was convinced that she was actually pregnant with her first child.

U is for Unselfish

As in most people don’t realize how unselfish Kim Kardashian is with her money and time – donating large amounts of cash to children’s hospitals around the country while also taking the time to visit those in need whenever and wherever she can.

V is for Victoria’s Secret

The lingerie company was one of the first fashion shows that Kendall Jenner ever walked the runway for as a real model

W is for Wilhelmina Models

The top international modeling agency that signed Kendall Jenner to a contract when she was only 14 years old.

X is for X-Factor

Simon Cowell’s popular talent competition show employed Khloe Kardashian as one of its hosts in 2012-2013.

Y is for Yeezy

The incredibly successful footwear and fashion line from Kim’s husband Kanye West in partnership with sportswear giant Adidas

Z if for Zuhair Mura

Zuhair is the top fashion designer who created Kendall Jenner’s dress in the most liked Instagram image of 2015 (3.2 million likes).