The New Fall TV Shows We're Psyched To Watch, Ranked

With all the streaming and Hulus and mid-season replacements, it's easy to forget that Fall still means NEW TV SHOWS are coming. But there's still some adherence to this age old media tradition - and as such, we're obligated to bring you an unbiased ranking of the ten shows we're most psyched to see starting...well, in some cases, about a week ago.

Timeless (NBC)

We're suckers for a good time travel story. Plus, the idea of a pair of wanna-be Marty McFlies chasing a terrorist through history's most important event seems like a twist we somehow haven't seen before. Count us in for an episode or two here - just to see how things go.

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X (CBS)

What are we crazy? The king of all reality competition shows ran its course years ago, right? Maybe not - as we are super psyched to watch the "aged" Gen X tribe hand it to those young whippersnappers who expect everything to be handed to them anyway.

Pitch (FOX)

She's young. She's hot. She's the newest starting pitcher for the San Diego Padres. OK, we're intrigued by the off-beat concept from team that brought you Sons of Anarchy. And hey, if they can find a way to make baseball interesting again then more power to them!

Designated Survivor (FOX)

Kiefer Sutherland is back: and this time, he's the Director of the Department of Housing and Urban Development! Sounds like a pretty drugged-out pitch for a series, until you learn that EVERY OTHER executive member of the cabinet has been blown up - leaving the former Jack Bauer as the leader of the free world. Word is, the pilot's script managed to pull Sutherland off his couch and out of retirement so we're intrigued to say the least.

Luke Cake (Netflix)

He's a badass Marvel superhero that has been called "Avengers meets The Wire" - and with a a bold description like that, make way for binge-watching ahead!


HBO needs a hit that does feature a Lannister in this biggest way, and this sleep comedy about being single and on the verge of 30 in modern Los Angeles might just do the trick. OK, maybe it won't draw a HUGE GOT-like audience, but the trailer made us LOL and that's worth something.

The Exorcist (FOX)

We saw the movie years ago - and it's still giving us nightmares to this day. So when we heard the show was just as scary, we were afraid - and excited - and a little confused as to how they'd recreate some of the hardcore elements of the film onto a network small screen. We'll have to wait and see...want to come over and keep us company?

Son of Zorn (FOX)

We haven't seen live people mixed with animation much since Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but holy crap this off beat comedy about a He-Man-like character back in LA to reconnect with his teenage son looks like one of the funniest things to come down the pipe this year.

Atlanta (FX)

You loved him in Community. You can't stop listen to him as Childish Gambino. Now, see the incredibly talented Donald Glover's creative labor of love come to life in this unique show.

Westworld (HBO)

If you can watch this trailer and NOT get pumped for the JJ Abrams produced re-imagining of the classic 70's film about robots who were once trained to have sex with you but now want to kill you - well, you might not have a soul. Hey, just like the robots! See what we did there? Writing. It's a thing.