14 Reasons Jennifer Lopez Will Always Be a Superstar

One of the hardest things to achieve in the entertainment business is career longevity. You've got to have skills in all aspects - and be able shift with the times while always staying true to what made you huge in the first place. If only we knew somebody like that to show you as an example....

She knows how to reinvent herself

Artists like J Lo and Madonna stick around and stay relevant because they're intellectually and creatively curious - always absorbing what's hot in music at the time and then putting their own personal spin on things.

She handles personal challenges the right way

J Lo has, as we all know, seen her share of personal setbacks and challenges over the years (see also: her marriages). But instead of letting it slow her down and become tabloid fodder - she's has used those bad situations to fuel her and create truly great music and performances as a result.

She has a truly great backstory

Everybody loves an underdog, and Jenny From The Block came up from nothing to earn everything she has -- a story that continues to motivate us and draw us into her world.

A great voice never goes out of style

Whether it's salsa or pop or ballad, J Lo's gorgeous voice is something that we will never, ever tire of listening to. And, judging by her considerable album sales, we're not alone in this thinking.

Her acting just gets better and better<

Just take a look at where Lopez was early in her career - doing serviceable roles fairly well in just OK movies. Now consider her nuanced role in Shades of Blue and you'll quickly see that she's come a long way as an actress - and should keep just getting better and better.

She understands the business side of things

And speaking of Shades of Blue, it's worth noting that Lopez has a producer's role on the show as well - which means that she's getting acceptance on the lucrative, longer-lasting (career-wise) business side of the entertainment industry.

She somehow keeps getting better and better looking

No additional comment needed here. She looks damn fine for a women her age - or any age for that matter!

There's nobody quite like her out there

J Lo is, and has always been, one of a kind. Her combination of acting, singing and dancing - all pulled together with that sassy, don't-take-yourself-too-seriously attitude make it hard to compare her to pretty much anyone else out there on the scene.

She collaborates with hot young acts

Recent hits with Iggy Azelea and others prove that J Lo can hang and bang with the hottest young acts - and not look silly while she does it. (Madonna, we're looking in your direction).

She knows that TV is the place to be<

Believe it or not, there was a time when working on TV was NOT something any self respecting actor wanted to do. Amazing shows and streaming hubs like Netflix and Hulu have changed all that - and J Lo's move to TV recently shows she committed to working with the best.

She's working for something more important than herself

As a Mom, Jennifer knows that it's all about the kids. And you can count on her to keep churning out the best work in order to ensure that have a secure future - and a mother they can totally be proud of (how can they not?)

Folks from the Bronx never quit

The Bronx have churned out a crazy number of talented, creative people over the years. And J Lo is true to their spirit - with a never day die attitude and a dedication to the entertainment world that is born and bred in that unique section of New York City.

She pays tribute to those who came before her

From Selena, to Celia Cruz, J Lo has always paid tribute to those who paved the way for her. Which, if nothing else, creates excellent karma for her own future.

Because there's only one J Lo

She's our girl. She's amazing. And millions of others feel likewise. What else can we say?