The Health and Fitness Secrets Jennifer Lopez Uses to Look So Damn Amazing

OK, so many of these health and fitness tips are more "common sense" than deeply-held secret, but they're straight from the regimen of J Lo herself, as told to the good folks at Hello! magazine, so we're 100% on board. Anything that makes you look half as good as Lopez does at Age 47 should be celebrated from the rooftops. To keep them to ourselves would have been criminal (if not sharing fitness tips was a crime that is...).

Here are 11 simple rules that J Lo swears by - and that she credits with her beautiful mind, body and spirit.

She doesn't smoke<

Lopez understands that smoking, in addition to harming your own health well beyond just the lungs, can also negatively impact the health of your children who breathe in the second hand smoke.

Luckily, this is something J Lo has never had to worry about, since she's never at any time in her life been a smoker.

She doesn't drink coffee

You'd think that someone as busy as J Lo would lean on caffeine pretty hard as a means of getting the job (or in this case multiple jobs) done. Instead, J Lo shies away from coffee and heavily caffeinated drinks because they tend to dehydrate you - which can negatively impact the effects of a good workout.

She always stays hydrated

Lopez tells the interviewer that water is an absolutely essential part of her workout regimen because it helps her body keep pushing longer. And of course, there are the myriad benefits to her skin that a little simple h20 provides as well.

She drinks very little alcohol

There's nothing wrong with a cocktail now and again, just so long as you maintain proper moderation. Lopez doesn't drink multiple drinks at home or when she hits the town, but as a mother of twins (like just about any Mom could understand) a glass of red wine now and again really helps take the edge off.

She works out to stay happy

Before all the other pieces of her career fell into place, J Lo was a dancer. Because of that background, Jennifer has always been happier when engaging in anything that features lots of movement. She may not have as much time to dance as she used to, but she finds her happiness-through-movement when she works out every day.

She forces herself to go to the gym

One of the hardest things to do when trying to get fit is maintain the workout schedule you've laid out for yourself. J Lo says that some days it may feel like the LAST thing in the world she wants to do, but she always forces herself to get up off the couch and go to the gym? In addition to the physical benefits, J Lo's workout area provides a sense of peace -- it's her happy place if you will.

She always gets 8 hours of sleep

As anyone associated with getting people to live a healthy life and they'll tell you that sleep plays a HUGE role in our overall well-being. That's why, no matter how busy her life gets (and as you can imagine, it gets HELLA busy) Lopez always makes sure that she gets a full night's sleep - no less than eight hours.

She carries healthy snacks with her at all times

As a Mom, Lopez carries all kinds of things around with her when she goes out for the day. None, however, are as important as the snacks she packs for her and the little ones. Instead of potato chips and candy bars, J Lo makes sure to have lots of fruits and veggies on hand at all times. The kids stay healthier and they help Mom keep from getting too hungry - or being tempted to fill up on empty calories while on the go.

She uses proteins to combat food craving

J Lo says she cooks a lot of simple meat and fish dishes when she's preparing dinner at home for her and her kids. The kids love the main dishes of course, but J Lo has an ulterior motive here - choosing to focus on proteins because they fill her up effectively, thus curbing her appetite when the inevitable craving to eat again hits hours (or in our case, minutes) after dinner.

She makes good decisions when eating out

J Lo readily admits that this is one of the toughest things she does in the name of good health. After all, when you think about the kinds of places where Lopez dines out, one imagines some of the most tempting butter-filled dishes in the world. But although she says it's one of the hardest things to do, the superstar always tries to order something healthy when the waiter comes. That means lots of fish and veggies -- usually the safest meals on any menu when it comes to calories and/or less-than-natural ingredients.

She always maintains a positive outlook

According to Lopez, and who are we to doubt her, there's nothing that keeps you healthier and happier than a smile. J Lo ties good physical health to superb emotional health - which is why, even thought she has faced her fair share of challenges in her personal life, you will never find her getting down on herself, or feeling like she can't go on.