10 Jennifer Lopez Movies You May Have Missed But Need To Check Out Now

Maid in Manhattan. Selena. The Wedding Planner. These were the box office hits that helped make Jennifer Lopez a legit movie star. But her resume also includes numerous smaller movies that, in our humble opinion, never quite got the love they deserved. Here are ten movies you need to check out ASAP - that is if you're serious about your J Lo fandom like we are.

The Cell (2000)

This creepy crime thriller was a chance for J Lo take some real risks up on the big screen. We love her as the brave cop in search of a killer - and are still shaken up by the truly unique visuals the film delivers.

U Turn (1997)

Oliver Stone veered from his usual course of political intrigue to craft this under-rated crime comedy/drama about residents of a very strange small town in the American West. An all-star cast (including Sean Penn) signed on to work with Stone, but it's the mind-numbingly sexy J Lo as a woman scorned that truly steals the show. Watch it - but be forewarned: you'll have Lopez on the brain for days to come...

Money Train (1995)

A zany crime comedy starring J Lo and two of the hottest actors of the late 90's: Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson - here playing two New York City transit cops in over their heads with the city's baddest bad guys.

Anaconda (1997)

Where was the Oscar for this one? It's got a giant snake, Jon Voight and Jennifer Lopez looking cute and sweaty as hell. What more could you ask for in a movie? 

Bordertown (2006)

A movie that tackles an important topic that doesn't get nearly enough attention - the kidnapping of young girls on the Northern border of Mexico. J Lo plays it straight here - as a tough law enforcement agent sent to investigate the horrific crimes.

Parker (2013)

Lopez had surprisingly good chemistry with Jason Staham in this fun action flick about a thief and master-of-disguise who steals from the rich and gives to the poor...that is until he gets in over his head with some real criminals who want him dead.

Shall We Dance (2004)

Not as well-received as the original Japanese version, the American take on this romantic tale of life, love and dance gives Lopez a chance to get back to her roots as a dancer of the highest quality.

Angel Eyes (2001)

This tale of supernatural romance didn't get much love at the box office, but we love it because Jim Cavaziel is cool as hell and any chance to see J Lo in a Chicago police uniform is a good day for us.

Enough (2002)

J Lo as an ass-kicking woman who's been pushed to the edge by an abusive spouse? Yeah, that sounds like something right up our alley. Because face it, if you even thought about laying a hand on Jenny in real life, you know she'd lay the smackdown on you right quick.

Out of Sight (1998)

A cool script, an A-list leading man and a hip, hot director - Out of Sight had it all. It's a great crime caper that's funny too. But what really makes it a must-stream (if you can find it) is the breakout performance of Jennifer Lopez who takes full advantage of the buzz the movie received and delivers one of her sexiest, smartest performances ever.