6 Crazy Surreal Videos from North Korea
You can’t just pop over to North Korea for a quick look around, so don’t even try. Something about land mines and a dislike of foreigners inofrming folks about the existence of the Internet and Bacon Egg & McGriddles if I remember correctly. Luckily, we’ve got 6 totally weird videos to provide a window into the soul of one of most reclusive countries on the planet.
Girl Shooters
It’s Girl Shooters, the hottest TV show in the country! Judging by this trailer, it’s the most on-the-nose title since the 1987 hit movie Runaway Train (what was that about again?) And if endless of images of women posing with firearms is considered groundbreaking entertainment, they obviously haven’t seen my Tinder matches.
Accordion for The Great Father
Accordionists from the Kum Song School in Pyongyang deliver a painstakingly accurate version of the 80’s classic Take on Me by one hit wonder A-Ha.
Comrade Kim Goes Flying
Here’s a delightful romp through the Worker’s Paradise that features a young country girl who sets out for the big city, only to find that life as a prostitute in seedy Manhattan isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be when she meets a cabbie who wants to assassinate a local politician to impress a girl. Wait, that’s Taxi Driver. Sorry.
Cell Phone Commercial
Cell phones have come to North Korea, and we’ve got the long-form TV ad to prove it. Features include: texting the spirit of the Great Father, calorie counter to track your own starvation, Tinder where all able bodied men and women may only swipe left, and solitaire.
Pageantry in Pyongyang
Here’s some nightmare fuel for you, courtesy of the people of North Korea who somehow manage to fight off their depression and shocking mortality rates long enough to provide a coordinated mass display in honor of the Korean. (Note: We could never pull this offer in the US. We’re just too damn lazy. We’d be the worst totalitarian state ever.)
North Koreans Weeping Hysterically
The people of North Korea either really did think of Kim Jong Il as their father, or there are Hollywood-grade acting coaches running loose in Pyongyang. Either way, this kind of mass outpouring of grief over the death of a government leader hasn’t been seen since Orange County, California closed all their Mercedes dealerships fifteen minutes early in honor of the passing of Ronald Reagan.