5 Surprise Military Homecomings That Will Positively Make Your Day
The internet sure can be a cynical place. Heck, it's what we love about it. But sometimes, you need to just put the snark down and enjoy some moments that represent nothing but pure joy. Take for example, these five surprise military homecomings of soldiers who have been stationed overseas protecting our great country. If you don't feel your heart move even a little bit closer to your throat after watching these videos, well, you may need to see, heart-in-throat-doctor-person. Just trust us - they're awesomely emotional.
Warrant Officer Jimmy Talbot
Stationed overseas for over a year, left Warrant Officer Jimmy Talbot missing his family something fierce. But that paled in comparison to how much his family missed having him around. So when Jimmy's wife found out he was coming home early, she set out to plan the ultimate surprise for Talbot's mother and three daughters. Watch as each get a special unexpected moment, loving planned and executed in this video that went viral as soon as it was released.
Sgt. James Avery
It was just another school day at Evans Elementary School in Marlton, New Jersey for six-year old Violet Avery. That is, until the little girl received an unexpected visitor: her Dad, Sgt. James Avery, who had just returned from active duty in Southwest Asia where served in the U.S. Air Force.
Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Davis
Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Davis expected a quiet ride as he turned into his Alabama home town. Little did he know that his friends, family and neighbors had gotten news of his return from a long tour of duty in Egypt - and had something else planned. Watch what happens when a trip from the airport turns into a full on celebration of the return of a loved one who has fought to protect our freedom.
Air Force Staff Sergeant Antonia Koenigsdorf
Carie Hasselman was hard at work at her job at the Ames, Iowa Hy-Vee store when she got a call that she was needed back in the store room. Always the dutiful employee, Carie headed to the back of the grocery store only to be greeted, not by a manager or customer, but her daughter Air Force Staff Sergeant Antonia Koenigsdorf, who had just returned home early from a 6 month tour of duty in Jordan.
U.S. Navy Seabee Vicente Castillo
It was pretty much the perfect moment: a child sings God Bless America with her classmates as a special, unannounced guest enters the gymnasium. Watch what happens next, as the little girl realizes, it's not some random stranger who has come to see her sing - but is actually her father who has been deployed overseas for far too long.