12 Videos That Prove Welsh Corgis are the Greatest Dogs on Earth
They're Corgis! And they're doing stuff. Need we say any more?
Met: Your New Favorite Corgi Puppy
This video is so sweet, we're having a diabetic seizure just watching it.
Taito Plays Fetch
Revolutionizing the fetch game as only Taito can. He's the LeBron James of Corgi puppies.
Corgi Hide and Seek
Just try this with a Mastiff - he'll destroy your home and everything you love.
Corgi Snow Tunnel
Besides being incredibly cute, Corgis are also civil engineers. Who knew???
Corgi Belly Flop
Not sure what's cuter, the belly flop or the tiny little Corgi-sized life jacket.
Butterball Hits the Stairs
This why you never skip a leg day, Butterball.
Curi Talks to the Damn Cat
Trust us, Curi. We've tried, and it's a colossal waste of time.
Lazy Corgi Fight
They were going to charge $29.99 for the Pay-Per-View, but good luck with that now after this shambolic performance.
Mocha Reflects on His Existence
Who am I? What is the meaning of life? Why am I so uncontrollably adorable?
An Adorable Year in the Life of Gatsby
They grow up so day they're chewing your favorite heels all to hell - the next, they're off to Cornell.
Bilbo vs. Mini-Pumpkin
He just hates that mini-pumpkin SO MUCH! Stupid mini-pumpkin. (Wow, it's really fun to say "Mini Pumpkin")
Corgis: The #1 Reason to Buy a Go Pro
Look, you're not going hang-gliding over the Rocky Mountains any time soon. So what better purpose for this thing?