If It Yells It Sells: 17 Epic TV News On-Screen Confrontations

For a long time, the driving editorial force behind any non-PBS news program has been "if it bleeds, it leads." But judging by the high entertainment factor of these confrontation-heavy videos, that might need to be changed to: "If it yells, it sells."

Anchor vs. Weatherperson

It doesn't matter how creatively this sequence was edited, there's hate oozing off these two women - and you can't craft that using an outdated version of iMovie.

Hannity and Colmes vs. Westboro Baptist Church

If you're making Sean Hannity (!) sound like the sanest person in the room, sister, you need reevaluate your life.

Morning Talk Show Host vs. Mike Tyson

Well, that's one way to sell tickets to a Broadway show...

Old Anchor vs. Even Older Reporter

A sure YouTube hall-of-famer, this snarky battle between two men who have seen seismic shifts in their corporate ladder is the kind of unintentional comedy the internet was made for!

Rosie O'Donnell vs. Elizabeth Hasselback

As we near the day when Donald Trump declares The Purge a "great idea", it's a good time to remember what Rosie O'Donnell looks and sounds like before she is forced into hiding.

Entertainment "Reporter" vs. Samuel L. Jackson

The living, breathing definition of "watching someone dig a deeper and deeper hole for themselves."

Local News Anchor vs. One-time 80's TV Star

Step 1: Watch this amazing video. Step 2: Then craft your own "she sure showed him who's the boss" quip immediately thereafter.

Jim Rome vs. "Chris" Everett

A classic that launched Rome's long reign as King Douche but also drove down Everett's Q-rating to the point of no return.

Entertainment Bubbe vs. Quentin Tarintino

It was a mis-match on paper between the sharp-tongued filmmakers and the local news film critic. But even though folks will say that she got torched by Tarantino, I actually think he ended up looking more like the bully and buffoon. Check it out for yourself and see what YOU think!

Anderson Cooper vs. Human Barbie

Ladies and gentlemen, Anderson Cooper: the greatest hero in the history of our Republic.

Network News Anchor vs. Everyone Sharing Her Oxygen at the Moment

Jessica Savitch was one of the greats in her industry. Which also led to occasional bouts of Diva-ness - as evidenced here in this classic freak out. "This is PRIME TIME TELEVISION, folks!"

Nancy Grace vs. Our Eardrums

Nancy Grace could be calling to tell us we won the lottery and we'd still hang up the damn phone as soon as we heard that high-pitched wail of a voice. Imagine being on the receiving end of it when she's pissed - as these two poor souls are in this clip.

Bill O'Reilly vs. His Soon-to-be-Fired Staff

Watching Bill lose his damn mind over a Sting video that's supposed to be played over the end credits is truly one of the simpler pleasures in life.

Dan Marino vs. Coffee Table (and hungover NFL fans)

"We've switched this former NFL quarterback's favorite coffee with street grade crystal meth. Let's see what he thinks..."

News Reporter vs. (Very) Angry Loner

We make it a point to never get involved in a conflict situation with a man who owns his own junk or scrap metal yard. Just too much can go wrong.

Geraldo Rivera vs. Neo Nazi Punks (and good taste)

There's no debating that Geraldo is one of the great comedy showmen of the 20th Century. Problem was, he kept calling himself a legitimate news reporter.

Alec Baldwin vs. Gathered Horde of New York Media

We're sure it's annoying to have cameras waiting to pounce on you the moment you step outside the house, but come on - that reporter barely grazed Baldwin's wife with that microphone. Yet she's acting like she took a left hook from GGG.