Man Who Surprised Wife With MS With Anniversary Flash Mob Is Easily The Best Husband Ever

Carl Gilbertson of Liverpool, England wanted to do something special for his wife Laura in honor of their tenth wedding anniversary. He was looking for an idea that was completely sappy and emotional - in the best way possible - that declared his love for his Laura, who is living with Multiple Sclerosis.

He nailed it.

Laura Gilbertson, who is bound to a wheelchair as a result of her MS, was completely unsuspecting when Carl took her out for a lovely stroll around the grounds of the Liverpool Media Academy.

What happened next was pure magic.

First it was one person, then a couple more -- and before Laura could figure out what, exactly was happening, a talented group of choral stars had gathered - all there to perform a stunning flashmob rendition of Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are," which brought Laura, and pretty much everyone else within miles, to tears.

The flash mob was the brainchild of Carl and the anniversary couple's mutual friend Stephanie - who just happened to be the head of musical theatre at The Academy. Together they arranged for everything - right down to selecting the Bruno Mars hit that's one of Laura's favorites.

Not that Laura Gilbertson needs any reminders, but this Carl fellow looks like a real keeper.

Here's to wishing Laura and Carl MANY more happy years together!!